• Kaya Cure Churna

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It is used In blood cancer, breast cancer , colo and rectal cancer, lug cancer , thryoid cancer, . Increases hemoglobin, maintains WBC, . get optimum result when  used with mainline  therapy.

Content cichorium intybus 6 gms solanum suratense burm 6 gms terminalia arjuna 6 gms tamarix dioica 6 gms mesua ferrea 6 gms asparagus racemosus 6 gms chlorophytum borivilia 6 gms zingiber officinale 6 gms eclipata alba 6 gms tinosporacordifosat 6 gms amber gris 6 gms crocus sativus 6 gms elttaria cardomomun 6 gms myristicaceae fragrans 6 gms withania somnifera dunal 6 gms ferrum ash 6 gms phyllantus emblica /terminalia bellirica/terminalia chebulla 6 gms swertia chirayata 6 gms rubia cardifolia 6 gms andrographis paniculta 6 gms abelmoschus maschatus 6 gms argyreia nervosa 6 gms anacyclus pyrethrum 6 gms parmelia perlata 6 gms vetiveria zizaniaides 6 gms mucuna prurita 6 gms cuminum cyminum 6 gms orchis latifolia 6 gms foeniculum capillaceum 6 gms anelema scapiflorum 6 gms pure carban adamas10ml silver ash 10 ml mel 40 ml
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Kaya Cure Churna

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