• Mednil Capsule

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Effective formulation for: med rog ko door karta hai Caugh prakopaj vyadhiyo aur aamvat ko door karta hai Med ko galata hai Pachan kriya ko badhata hai tatha nayi medotpatti ko rokne mai sahayak hai Medo vikriti ko door karne ke liye nirbhaya uttam aushadh Is yog se rakta ke bhitar aur twacha se sambandh vale medak galne lagte hai Mal shudhi niyamit hone lagti hai tatha vatvahiniya sabal bankar pachnendriya sansthan ko sabal bana deti hai fir pachan kriya balvan hone par med, medjanit shodh aur aamvat sahaj door ho jate hai.
Specific Specifications
Ingredients / Content medohar guggul 200mg gomutra kshar 50mg shudha shilajeet 50mg chitrak chhal ghan 20mg abaya ghan 70mg nagarmotha ghan 50mg triyusnaadi loh 40mg loha rasayan 20mg
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Mednil Capsule

  • Brand: Bharadwaj-Indore
  • Packing: Bharadwaj-30-capsule-Jar
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  • ₹115.00

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