• Peptone Tablet

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Effective formulation for: Amlapitta tatha uske updravo ko shant karne hetu vishesh labhdayak hai Iske niyamit sevan se amlapitta me hone vale shul, vaman, anna nalika, chati tatha pait ki jalan, muh ke chalo mai shanti hoti hai Iske niyamit prayog se amlapitta me sthayi labh hota hai Yaha amashay vran me bhi upyogi hai.
Specific Specifications
Ingredients / Content dhatri loha 60mg sutshekhar ras 50mg kamdugdha 50mg nishoth 30mg giloy satva 25mg amalaki rasayan 25mg chandrakala ras 25mg udumber ghan 25mg satavar 25mg mulethi 20mg karpoor kachri 20mg narikel lavan 20mg jahara mohra pishti 20mg praval pishti 10mg yashad bhasma 10mg tapyadi loha 10mg
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Peptone Tablet

  • Brand: Bharadwaj-Indore
  • Packing: Bharadwaj-60-Tablet-Jar
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹124.00

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